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AsiaQuest, an advocate of Digital Transformation (DX) support,
continues to host webinars on AfterCorona and DX.


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"Digital Transformation (DX)" is a buzzword that is sweeping the business scene.
What exactly does DX mean?

What is the difference between digital transformation and innovation or kaizen?
Does one innovative technology change business models and alter the value exchange mechanism?
If so, is DX the same thing as so-called kaizen, the introduction of advanced tools to improve operational efficiency?



ChatGPT and Your Business:
Evolution of Design and Marketing
through the use of Generative AI

Thursday, July 13, 14:00-15:00

Past Programs

The program provided an insight into the store-based retail business, which has suddenly been forced to make a digital shift by the digital giants, and D2C and EC, which are rapidly growing as opportunities for new changes in consumer behavior, based on case studies.


  • Changing Consumption with After Corona
    - Social behavior and consumer awareness forced by Corona
  • Overseas Case Studies
    -Survival Conditions in After Corona
    Hints from Corona's pre-Corona challenges
    -Walmart, Macy's, Sephora, major D2C
    -Tencent, Alibaba
  • After Corona retail DX tips
    -Freedom of payment, pickup and experience choice
    -Fast launch and fast optimization of EC
    -Mobile ordering and BOPIS

Propositions as the first step in turning the fantasies of all those involved in DX into concepts and putting them into practice.
"What exactly is DX?"
"What are the digital solutions that DX requires?"

The presentation explained the history of DX from the founding of NETFLIX, which is now sweeping the world.


  • What is DX?
  • History of DX at Netflix
  • Kaizen, Innovation, and DX
  • Emergence and Discipline: Vast Knowledge Divergence, Convergence, and Fidelity
  • Action Items and Technology Puzzles

From a participant questionnaire
I was able to get hints and perspectives to think for myself about what I really wanted to know.
I feel I now understand the essence of DX.
I am in charge of DX at my company, and the overseas examples were very helpful.
The presentation of specific examples made it easy for me to get an image of what you were talking about.