Support for
cloud implementation using the Google Cloud (GCP) environment

As the use of cloud environments becomes more prevalent,
the speed and scalability of the cloud will play a major role in accelerating business transformation and accelerating enterprise DX.

At AsiaQuest, a co-creative partner that promotes DX (Digital Transformation) together with our customers,

We provide comprehensive support for Google Cloud implementation,
from planning and consulting to design and construction of various services and post-implementation operation and monitoring support.


Multi-Cloud Management Services
for Google Cloud

When it comes to implementing a public cloud environment using Google Cloud, leave it to AsiaQuest, a "Google Cloud Service Partner" with advanced technical capabilities and a wealth of experience.
As a Google Cloud Service Partner, AsiaQuest can provide comprehensive support ranging from the construction, operation, and billing of Google Cloud environments to technical advisors during implementation and operation, as well as the maintenance of network and security environments.

Examples of services offered
    • 01.Support for building cloud infrastructure (Google Cloud)
    • 02.Support for launching an in-house production/cloud promotion organization (CCoE).
    • 03.Cloud consulting / PoC support
    • 04.Cloud design/architecture design support
    • 05.Operation automation/operation support
    • 06.Post-system implementation technical advisor support
    • 07.Google Cloud Resale (Billing Service)
Services provided
Support for building cloud infrastructure (Google Cloud)

We build the optimal configuration based on Google Cloud best practices to address various infrastructure infrastructure challenges.

  • New GCP infrastructure: Support for speedy infrastructure environment construction by introducing new systems on GCP.
  • Lift & Shift support: Support for migration from on-premise environments to the cloud and becoming cloud-native
  • IaC (Infrastructure Coding) support: Reduce operational burden by coding infrastructure systems
  • Web system infrastructure implementation support: load balancing/auto-scaling, building a system that takes operations and security into account.
  • Data Analysis Infrastructure Implementation Support: Build a comprehensive system from DWH/Data Lake infrastructure to ETL and BI implementation
Services provided
In-house production
/ support for launching Cloud Computing Promotion Organization (CCoE)
Charge From 3,000,000 yen (Duration: From 1 month)

We provide comprehensive support for the establishment of working groups, development of Google Cloud best practices for internal use, cloud SE training (classroom training, hands-on training), and establishment of a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) organization.

Services provided
Cloud consulting
/ PoC support
Charge Individual quotation

We support customers in selecting the Google Cloud service that best meets their issues, calculating the optimal cost and configuration for cloud implementation, supporting PoC/proof-of-concept, developing migration plans, and providing overall action plans for post-implementation.

Services provided
Cloud design
/ Architecture design support
Charge Individual quotation

By designing in accordance with Google Cloud Best Practices, we support a best practice environment for Google Cloud systems that covers operations, security, reliability, performance, cost, and sustainability.

Services provided
Operations automation
/ Operational support
Charge Individual quotation

Operation design will be based on best practices in Google Cloud operations.
We provide comprehensive support for system operation and maintenance, from the development of the operation monitoring infrastructure using the Google Cloud Operation Suite (formerly known as Stackdriver) and various tools, to the confirmation of monitoring alerts and failure response, configuration changes and patch application. 

Services provided
Technical advisor support
after system installation
Charge Fixed Time or Ticket System

We provide technical advisory and consulting support, including conducting assessments that take into account system reliability and availability, which are concerns when considering Google Cloud implementation, proposing optimal Google Cloud system design, and optimizing running costs.

Services provided
Google Cloud Resale
(billing service)
Charge Agency fee (free of charge)

As a Google Cloud Sell Partner, we offer Google Cloud and Looker Stadio Pro resale (billing service).
You can pay the monthly Google Cloud usage fee (pay-as-you-go) by invoice in Japanese yen with no agency fees from us.

Google Cloud導入支援


株式会社TOAI 様

TOAI Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as TOAI) provides a wide range of services to customers mainly in western Japan under the theme of "Delivering Wonderful Experiences to Customers Around the World. In particular, TOAI's Karaoke business "Jankara" operates approximately 170 outlets nationwide and utilizes its self-developed apps to improve the customer experience. In order to effectively and smoothly utilize the large amount of data that will continue to accumulate in the future, they asked AsiaQuest, which has a wealth of experience in cloud computing, to implement a data analysis platform.

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