Article 1 Declaration
AsiaQuest Co., Ltd. (“we,” “our,” or “us”) hereby declares that we shall inform all of our officers and employees of, implement, and promote this information security basic policy (this “Policy”) established for us to ensure the confidentiality, completeness, and availability of and improve the management of all information assets through our business activities as a company and to fulfill our customers’ and business partners’ expectations on us for our information management.
Article 2 Scope of Application
This Policy shall apply to the information assets (including personal information) involved in all operational activities under our management.
Article 3 Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Other Rules
We shall comply with the laws, regulations, other rules and contractual requirements that are related or applied to business activities.
Article 4 Establishment of Information Security Management System
We shall establish an information security management system and promote the system as a uniform information security management system in an organization that introduces, operates, monitors, reviews, maintains, and improves the system.
Article 5 Establishment of Information Security Rules
We shall establish information security rules that specify basic requirements to set criteria in a unified manner for actions and judgments that ought to be complied with to ensure the implementation of information security measures.
Article 6 Implementation of Information Security Measures
We shall prevent the occurrence of information security incidents by implementing appropriate information security measures suitable for each information asset and if an incident occurs, we shall minimize the damage by investigating the cause and swiftly implementing countermeasures and prevent its recurrence.
Article 7 Implementation of Information Security-Related Education and Training
We shall provide information security-related education and training to all of our officers and employees.
Article 8 Implementation of Evaluation and Continuous Improvement of Information Security Management System
With respect to this Policy and the information security management system, we shall regularly review, evaluate the effectiveness of, and continuously improve the management system in order to respond to the changes in business activities and environment.
Established on April 1, 2017
AsiaQuest Co., Ltd.
Jun Momoi, President and Representative Director