Support for cloud implementation utilizing
the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment

As the use of cloud environments becomes more prevalent,
the speed and scalability of the cloud will play a major role in accelerating business transformation and accelerating enterprise DX.

AsiaQuest, a co-creation partner that promotes DX (Digital Transformation) together with our customers,

We provide comprehensive support from planning and consulting for AWS implementation to design
and construction of various services and operational monitoring support after implementation.

Multi-Cloud Management Services
for AWS

When it comes to implementing a public cloud environment using AWS (Amazon Web Services), leave it to AsiaQuest, an "AWS Advanced Tier Service Partner" with advanced technical capabilities and a wealth of experience.
We provide comprehensive support ranging from construction, operation, and billing of AWS environments to technical advisors during implementation and operation, and maintenance of network and security environments.

Examples of services offered
    • 01.Support for building cloud infrastructure (AWS)
    • 02.Support for launching an in-house production/cloud promotion organization (CCoE).
    • 03.Cloud consulting/PoC support
    • 04.Cloud design/architecture design support
    • 05.Operation automation/operation support
    • 06.Post-system implementation technical advisor support
    • 07.AWS Resale (Billing Service)
Services provided
Support for building cloud infrastructure (AWS)

We build optimal configurations based on AWS best practices to address various infrastructure infrastructure issues.

  • AWS Infrastructure New Deployment: Support for speedy infrastructure environment construction by deploying new systems on AWS.
  • Lift & Shift support: Support for migration from on-premise environments to the cloud and becoming cloud-native
  • IaC (Infrastructure Coding) support: Reduce operational burden by coding infrastructure systems
  • Web system infrastructure implementation support: load balancing/auto-scaling, building a system that takes operations and security into account.
  • Data Analysis Infrastructure Implementation Support: Build a comprehensive system from DWH/Data Lake infrastructure to ETL and BI implementation.
Services provided
In-house production / Support for launching Cloud Computing Center of Excellence (CCoE)
Price 3,000,000 yen ~
(Duration: 1 month~)

We provide comprehensive support for setting up working groups, developing AWS best practices for internal use, cloud SE training (classroom training, hands-on training), and establishing a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) organization.

Services provided
Cloud Consulting / PoC Support
Price Individual quotation

We support customers in selecting AWS services that meet their challenges, optimal cost estimation and configuration study for cloud implementation, PoC/proof-of-concept support, migration plan development, and overall action plan with a view to post-implementation.

Services provided
Cloud design /
Architecture design support
Price Individual quotation

By designing in accordance with the AWS Well-ArchitectedFramework (W-A), we support a best practice environment for AWS systems that covers operations, security, reliability, performance, cost, and sustainability. 

Services provided
Operation automation /
Operation support
Price Individual quotation

We provide comprehensive support for system operation and maintenance, from the development of the operation monitoring infrastructure using CloudWatch and various tools, to the confirmation of monitoring alerts, fault handling, configuration changes, and patch application.

Services provided
Technical advisor support
after system installation
Price Fixed Time or Ticket System

We provide technical advisory and consulting support, including conducting assessments that take into account system reliability and availability, which are concerns when considering AWS implementation, proposing optimal AWS system design, and optimizing running costs.

Services provided
AWS Resale (Billing Service)
Price Agency fee (free of charge)

As an AWS Solution Provider, we offer AWS resale (billing service).
You can pay the monthly AWS usage fee (pay-as-you-go) from our company on a billing basis in Japanese yen with no agency fees.

We offer a monthly AWS billing service.

Solution Case Studies

Toshin Industry Co., Ltd.

In parallel with the launch and implementation of cloud utilization, we also continued to provide support for in-house cloud production for internal cloud operations.

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Hatsumei-Tsushin Co.,Ltd

Replacement of on-premise environment to cloud environment. We provided total support from surveying and organizing the current environment to policy formulation, technical verification, and data migration.

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Passlogy Co., Ltd.

Upon receiving a request to build an infrastructure infrastructure, we supported the design, environment construction, and operation of an AWS infrastructure using the PassLogic cloud version.

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