Design and Construction of AWS Infrastructure for PassLogic Cloud Edition

AsiaQuest received a request to build the infrastructure for the PassLogic Cloud Edition service, and provided support for everything from the design of the AWS infrastructure to environment construction and operation.

Customer HP:https://www.passlogy.com/


Passlogy Co., Ltd. is a software vendor that develops and sells security software. Passlogy Co., Ltd. provides PassLogic, an authentication platform that enables two-factor authentication, single sign-on, and access control using device-less and one-time passwords.




Passlogy Co., Ltd. was required to convert PassLogic into a cloud service due to the increasing need for stronger security at the time of login and cloud computing due to the teleworking of companies.

Providing the PassLogic cloud version offered various advantages, such as eliminating the need for customers to prepare their own server environment and eliminating the need for server operations after operation.

AWS was selected as the infrastructure platform because it guarantees service quality in terms of performance, fault tolerance, and security, while also providing excellent scalability at a low cost.


We were asked to work with PassLogic because of our technical expertise in PassLogic and our experience in designing and building AWS-related systems.
We proposed AWS for the PassLogic Cloud Edition infrastructure based on the application specifications and service requirements. We handled the entire process from requirement definition to design, construction, and operation.

We designed and built networks such as load balancers and EC2 to meet the service requirements of PassLogic Cloud Edition. Implemented 24/7/365 resource monitoring and fault monitoring using CloudWatch to enable early detection and response to system anomalies. For security measures, we implemented WAF, regular vulnerability scans by Inspector, and a system that generates notification emails via Lambda so that Inspector reports can be accessed with a single click. Furthermore, as a disaster countermeasure, backup data generated in the Tokyo region is remotely stored in the Osaka region using S3 replication.


The PassLogic Cloud Edition enables us to quickly provide services to meet the needs of our customers.
In terms of infrastructure, the use of AWS has enabled high scalability, fault tolerance, and rapid functionality addition, as well as improved security through server vulnerability testing using Inspector. In addition, we have succeeded in reducing the operational load.

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In the future, we will further improve the operability and security related to the PassLogic cloud version of our service offerings.
In addition, as a PassLogic sales partner, we will contribute to strengthening the authentication systems and sales of customers using PassLogic.