Marketing Tool
Implementation and Development Support

We can flexibly respond to a wide range of requests, including the integration of MA tools with existing in-house services and systems and new customized development.

Examples of correspondence
  • 01. Building Web Marketing Automation
  • 02. Support for introduction of sales tools
  • 03.Customer support system construction
  • 04. CRM tool implementation and custom development
EC Site Construction

We can build EC sites for both BtoC and BtoB.
Whether it is full-scratch development of medium to large scale EC sites, system provision using our packages, or small scale EC site construction using open source software, we provide systems tailored to each company's situation.
In addition to functions on the public side, such as smartphone support, multilingual support, My Page for customers, product purchase, and payment, we provide functions on the management side, such as product management, design/template settings, e-mail distribution, order and sales management, etc., for companies.

CMS site and BLOG construction

We can build CMS sites and blogs for PCs, mobile phones, and smart phones, build templates for the public side of the web, and provide management screens that allow users to register information according to their requirements.
We support relatively low-cost and quick system implementation by using open source software such as WordPress, depending on your requirements.
We also provide customization functions to suit your business based on our extensive experience.

Examples of correspondence
  • 01. CMS construction for corporate website.
  • 02. CMS construction for recruitment website
  • 03. CMS construction for web services
  • 04. CMS Construction for Corporate and Store Blogs 
Membership and community site construction

We build membership and community sites for PCs, mobile phones, and smartphones, providing various functions such as member registration, login, and My Page functions on the public side of the web, and member management, mail distribution, and various history management functions on the administrative side. We can also develop sites using open source software such as OpenPNE upon request, and can build sites for hundreds of users to million of users.

Examples of correspondence
  • 01. Building a company/service membership (fan) site.
  • 02. Construction of a word-of-mouth community website
  • 03. CtoC, SNS site building 
Web campaign system construction

We build campaign sites for short-term product promotion and sales promotion. We propose and develop campaign systems for PCs, mobiles, and smartphones to meet your objectives, such as entry-based campaigns, must-buy campaigns using serial numbers, lottery-based campaigns such as Instant Win, and campaigns linked to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. We propose and develop campaign systems for PCs, mobiles, and smartphones. Depending on your requirements, we can construct a system that can respond to rapid changes in the number of accesses to your campaign, as well as control entries and consider fairness of the lottery.

Examples of correspondence
  • 01. Construction of present application campaign system
  • 02. Must-Buy Campaign System Construction
  • 03. Instant Win Campaign System Construction
  • 04. Construction of Facebook/Twitter linked campaign system 
Reservation site and system construction

We build reservation systems for hotel, travel, seminar, and other reservation sites. We can provide a system that meets your needs for management of schedules, products and plans, and reservation information management functions. In addition, we can provide a system that considers operational efficiency by linking in real time with the reservation status of other systems in batch according to your requirements.

Examples of correspondence
  • 01. Build hotel reservation system
  • 02. Travel reservation system construction
  • 03. Construction of seminar reservation system 
'SAP' consultancy and implementation support

Comprehensive support for customers' digital transformation through the introduction of SAP products. We build a competitive business environment by improving business processes and making effective use of data. Expert consultants and engineers accompany you consistently from planning to system development and operational support. We provide flexible services to meet a wide range of needs, from small-scale projects to large-scale implementations.

Examples of correspondence
  • 01. Optimisation of production management systems
  • 02. Strengthening supply chain management (SCM)
  • 03.
  • Improving the efficiency of product lifecycle management (PLM)
We develop a variety of web systems to suit your services

We can design and develop web systems to meet a variety of needs. In addition to design and development, we provide comprehensive system solutions from system planning and proposal to operation and maintenance phases based on our engineers' extensive development experience.
We also build infrastructure environments that meet customer needs based on our accumulated technologies related to servers and networks, and provide optimal web systems, including application development that emphasizes security, and system construction that supports large-scale, high-load systems.

Supported Environments
  • Compatible OS: Linux (RedHat, CentOS), Solaris, etc.
  • Database: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.
  • Supported languages: PHP, Java, Perl, etc.

*We can also develop products for environments other than those listed above, so please consult with us.