EC site construction


    Do you have various problems and issues that you face in the day-to-day management of your EC site?

    • Want to improve operational efficiency because the workload/cost is getting higher with the existing system
    • Functional and system infrastructure cannot cope with the increase in sales and scale of the store
    • Used a package to keep costs down, but the customization restrictions were too great and we could not add the functionality we wanted.
    • High cost and response time for each additional feature
    • The site interface is not in line with the times.

    We provide systems tailored to each company's situation to meet any request, including full-scratch development of EC sites, system provision using our packages, and low-cost EC site construction using open source software.


    Extensive management functions to support site administrators

    In addition to public functions such as My Page, Product List/Details, Cart, and Order Page for customers, we provide management functions such as customer management, product management, content management including design/template, mail distribution, survey settings, order management, point management, tally, report output and slip output. We can provide only the necessary functions to meet the needs and budget of each client company, so please contact us for more information.

    Strength in replacing existing systems

    In some cases, systems that have been supported by adding functions to existing systems have become more complex in their internal structure and less maintainable, leading to decreased business efficiency and customer churn because system functional modifications cannot keep pace with the expansion of business scale. We specialize in system replacements that meet the individual business requirements of each company. We analyze the current situation and realize ideal replacements that improve business efficiency and customer usability while maintaining the existing business flow and conversions.

    Strength in core system integration

    Sales departments of companies are already using a core system that is well-established within the company, and they may often build peripheral systems to match the core system. In such a situation, the introduction of a system based on a package requires changes in business and operations to match the package, but we develop the system to match the core system and can build a system that matches the current business and operations. Therefore, we can introduce a system with minimal changes in operations, and thus reduce unnecessary costs due to changes in workflow and operational methods.

    Strength in shopping mall linkage

    It can support mall integration using APIs and CSV files, including the three major shopping malls, Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo! Order information from the company's own website and each mall can be managed on a single screen, minimizing operational costs related to order management. In addition, product and inventory information can also be linked via API or CSV file linkage to match each mall, reducing the cost of product management operations.

    Strength in building infrastructure environments

    As the EC market expands, there is an increasing need for companies to flexibly adapt their system infrastructure environment as their sales scale expands. By using IaaS and cloud services, we are able to provide flexible configurations that allow infrastructure resources to be changed in accordance with the scale of the business. We can also provide configurations that match the existing data volume and number of transactions, as well as future performance requirements, to meet all needs from applications to network and server management.

    Strength in linking with other companies' services such as recommendation, review, affiliate, etc.

    It is no exaggeration to say that the best way to advertise a good product is to promote it through live user feedback, etc., rather than just putting the product on the market. As marketing methods diversify in the management of EC sites, there are more and more opportunities to collaborate with other companies' services such as recommendation, review, and affiliate services. We provide speedy and effective tools by linking with recommendation engines, rankings, and review evaluation services.

    Mobile site support, smartphone app support

    Smartphone ownership is increasing, especially among F1, F2, and M1 customers, who are said to be the largest market in the EC site market. We can help you improve your mobile sales through responsive web design that changes according to the size of the device and by building smartphone applications.

    Strength in English/multilingual support

    As globalization progresses not only in Japan but also in other countries, there are more and more opportunities to consider English and multilingual support for EC sites. Since we develop our products with multilingual support in mind during initial development, we can provide a list of Japanese and other language counterparts for incorporation into the system.

    Customization of EC building package software is also available

    We can also build EC sites based on the open source EC-CUBE upon request. EC-CUBE is relatively low-cost and can be implemented in a short period of time, which has many advantages for companies that are starting to build new EC sites. We will also confirm that the system matches your company's business operations at the time of introduction, and customize any functions that are lacking.

    We implement a variety of EC solutions tailored to your services.

    We can design and develop web systems to meet a variety of needs.
    In addition to design and development, we also provide comprehensive system solutions from system planning and proposal to operation and maintenance phases based on our engineers' extensive development experience.
    We also build infrastructure environments that meet customer needs based on our accumulated server and network technologies, and provide optimal web systems, including application development with an emphasis on security, and system construction for large-scale, high-load systems.

    Supported Environments
    • Compatible OS: Linux (RedHat, CentOS), Solaris, etc.
    • Database: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.
    • Supported languages: PHP, Java, Perl, etc.

    * We can also develop products for environments other than those listed above, so please consult with us.