"Transforming Business with AI"

Through the use of Generative AI (Generative AI)/Large-scale Language Model (LLM) technology,
to create and transform new business value, such as productivity improvement and process optimization.
to create and transform new business value, such as productivity improvement and process optimization,
We provide various services such as implementation support and consulting to create and transform new business value,
such as productivity improvement and process optimization.


Support for Introducing Generative AI Systems

We provide consistent support from introduction to operation of various systems using "Amazon Bedrock" and "Azure OpenAI Service", which provide the infrastructure model necessary for building generative AI applications/ChatGPT systems.

  • Q&A bot for in-house systems
  • Automated customer support for e-commerce sites
  • Search expansion system with RAG configuration

LLM Utilization Consulting

We propose implementation strategies, risk studies, and specific usage methods to effectively utilize the Large Language Model (LLM).

  • Assessment implementation/planning
  • Development of guidelines for LLM use
  • Conduct workshops/training

Generative AI System Development

We design and develop generative AI systems that meet our clients' business needs and provide optimal solutions to improve business efficiency and quality.

  • Generative AI Architecture Design
  • Prompt design/fine tuning
  • Integration/Integration with existing services

Generative AI / LLM

Solution Case Studies

Open House Group

AsiaQuest and Open House Group begin joint demonstration test for use of generative AI.

 In this demonstration experiment, Open House Group will conduct fine tuning using multiple types of generative AI by utilizing Azure OpenAI Service of Microsoft Azure, a cloud service provided by Microsoft Corporation of the United States. Through this, we will verify improvement measures to address business issues and study proposals to improve services to customers. AsiaQuest, as a technical advisor, will support OpenHouse Group in the process of studying solutions to business issues using the Azure OpenAI Service and exploring actual applications. Through regular discussions, the two companies will jointly conduct this demonstration experiment toward full-scale utilization of generative AI.
-From the press release of July 11, 2023

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Information System Q&A bot.

Linking ChatGPT and Slack to streamline internal inquiry handling operations

The demonstration experiment was started with the aim of automating and streamlining the daily response to uniform inquiries to the Information Systems Department, and at the same time, to generate knowledge and streamline the daily handling of exceptional inquiries and response content.   By linking the Slack inquiry channel for IT staff with ChatGPT, we are 1) analyzing the content of inquiries and presenting the most appropriate response quickly, and 2) linking past inquiry history with the content of responses and related documents to promote the accumulation and internal sharing of IT staff's knowledge of responses.

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We can also support major services that utilize generative AI

Amazon Bedrock

Provides an environment for building and scaling generative AI applications

  • Choice of major infrastructure models (FMs)
    Provides an easy-to-use developer experience that can work with a variety of high-performance FMs, including AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Stability AI, Amazon, and more
  • Easy CustomizationPrivate customization of FMs with your own data through a visual interface
  • Fully Managed API AgentBuild agents to perform complex business tasks through dynamic API calls
  • Native support for RAGs
    Build RAG configurations that securely connect to and search data sources using Amazon Bedrock's knowledge base
  • Data SecurityMultiple features to support security and privacy requirements

By Amazon Bedrock + Amazon Kendra
RAG Configuration Architecture



Azure OpenAI Service

Enterprise-Level Generative AI Model Capabilities from Microsoft and OpenAI

  • Uses pre-trained generative AI models
    Uses pre-trained generative AI models with large amounts of data from OpenAI to address a wide range of business and scenarios
  • Fine-tuningProvides users with the ability to fine-tune AI models using their own data. Pre-trained models can be specialized for specific applications or domains.
  • Detection of harmful use cases
    Detects harmful use cases and reduces the risk of incidents so that users can responsibly implement AI
  • Advanced Security Levels
    Enterprise-level security with role-based access control (RBAC) and private networks

  • By Azure OpenAI + Azure Cognitive Search
    RAG Configuration Architecture

    • llm_azureopenai_en


We provide total support for planning, design, and operation of AI systems

  • Conducting assessments and developing plans
  • Definition of requirements for generative AI systems
  • PoC implementation
    (verification and prototyping)
  • Generative AI infrastructure architecture design
    (Amazon Bedrock, Azure OpenAI Service)
  • Generative AI application design
  • Security, governance, and operational design
  • Generative AI model infrastructure construction
    (Amazon Bedrock, Azure OpenAI Service)
  • Generative AI application development, System integration
  • System testing
  • Operation and maintenance of generative AI infrastructure
  • Accuracy and evaluation of generative AI applications accuracy and evaluation of generative AI applications
  • Re-training of generative AI models, Fine tuning