AsiaQuest and Open House Group begin joint demonstration test for use of generative AI.

AsiaQuest Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Jun Momoi; hereinafter "AsiaQuest"), which supports digital transformation (hereinafter "DX") of companies by utilizing digital technologies such as IoT and AI, and Open House Group Co: (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Masaaki Arai, President; hereinafter referred to as "Open House Group") have started a joint demonstration experiment (hereinafter referred to as the "Demonstration Experiment") for the utilization of generative AI using AzureOpenAI.
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■In-house Demonstration Experiment Using Azure OpenAI Service

 In this demonstration experiment, Open House Group will conduct fine tuning using multiple types of generative AI by utilizing Azure OpenAI Service of Microsoft Azure, a cloud service provided by Microsoft Corporation of the United States. Through this, we will verify improvement measures to address business issues and study proposals to improve services to customers.

AsiaQuest, as a technical advisor, will support OpenHouse Group in the process of studying solutions to business issues using the Azure OpenAI Service and exploring actual applications. Through regular discussions, the two companies will jointly conduct this demonstration experiment toward the full-scale utilization of generative AI.

The following projects will be considered for the use of Generated AI in this experiment.

・Property proposal service

 Voice or text input of desired property conditions → Automatic generation of recommended properties

・Document preparation assistance

 Assist in the preparation of blueprints and property perspectives for the purchase consideration stage, and important item descriptions and contracts for the purchase contract stage.

・Virtual online concierge service

 Ouchi Link Co.,Ltd. (a subsidiary of Open House Group Co.,LTD.) receives inquiries from customers after they move in via application, web browser page, telephone, etc., and automatically responds to them.

・Automatic Avatar Generation

 Automatic avatar generation by Mondrian Co., Ltd. (strategic subsidiary of Open House Group Co.,LTD. for Metaverse business)

■The Open House Group's vision of the potential of generative AI

The Open House Group has established an integrated system from land procurement to construction and sales, and its strengths lie in its "make money on foot" sales and its ability to plan and design land utilization. We have developed hundreds of systems and applications in-house, and are actively promoting DX including data utilization and the use of AI, taking the lead in digitization in the real estate industry where "paper-centered business practices" have been emphasized.
Considering the hidden potential of generative AI to create things beyond human imagination, we believe that its application in business is not limited to the scope of this demonstration experiment. On the other hand, issues such as the authenticity of information and infringement of rights have been pointed out, and the Open House Group is committed to pursuing the potential of generative AI in compliance with laws and regulations and corporate ethics, and to providing innovative and advanced services related to housing.

■What is Azure OpenAI Service?

It is a service provided by Microsoft for each enterprise.

OpenAI's powerful language models, such as the ChatGPT model series, GPT-4, Codex, and Embeddings model series developed by OpenAI, are provided as a service that can be easily used on Azure as a REST API.

■About Open House Group

Open House Co.,LTD. and its affiliated companies have shifted to a holding company structure with Open House Group Co.,LTD. as the pure holding company as of January 2022. The Group's business is centered on the detached house-related business, condominium business, income-producing real estate business, and U.S. real estate business, and offers a variety of services related to housing and living. In the detached house business, our main business since our founding in 1997, we have established an integrated manufacturing and sales system from land procurement to construction and sales, providing conveniently located and affordable housing. We have been promoting initiatives that are unique to the Group, such as locating our homes in close proximity to work and residence, which is in demand as the number of dual-income households increases, and planning to meet new needs amid diversifying work styles. The Group will continue to strive to provide homes that more and more customers can choose.

■About AsiaQuest Co., Ltd.

AsiaQuest is a "Digital integrator" that supports DX for companies. AsiaQuest provides not only standard system integration, but also consulting services to help customers think about DX together, as well as system design, development, and operation using the digital technologies required for DX.
We have specialized technology teams in the digital fields of IoT, AI, Cloud, Mobile, Web, and UI/UX, and we can put together the most appropriate project team to achieve the client's goals. We are capable of speedy response from PoC implementation to construction of large scale systems for digitalization.