Japanese quality and Japanese communication service available

With overseas subsidiaries in Indonesia and Malaysia, we provide IT support services to Japanese and local companies.
We are able to provide Japanese quality, Japanese communication, and strong support for your business in the local market with our high technology.

PT.AQ Business Consulting Indonesia

Indonesia Corporation

PT.AQ Business Consulting Indonesia

AsiaQuest Indonesia provides IT support to Japanese companies in Indonesia (Jakarta and Yogyakarta). Our services include web system development, mobile application development, website production, EC site construction, and more.

With high quality and flexibility, we have helped more than 100 Japanese companies in Indonesia.

If you are a company with a corporation in Indonesia that has IT issues or is considering expanding into Indonesia, please contact us.
We also operate several in-house web media for the local market in Indonesia. Please feel free to contact us for advertisement.

Best IT Partner in Indonesia

  • IT Consulting
  • System development
  • Mobile App Development
  • WEB Production
  • IT Infrastructure Construction
  • kintone kintone Agent

Laboratory-based development services

We can also provide a dedicated development team for your company.
Many of our members have experience working on projects for Japanese companies, so we are able to facilitate smooth project progress in a Japanese style.


PT.AQ Business Consulting Indonesia

Malaysia Corporation

AsiaQuest Internet Malaysia SDN. BHD.

AsiaQuest Malaysia provides IT support to Japanese companies in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). Our services include web system development, mobile app development, website development, EC site construction, kintone implementation, and more.

If you are a company incorporated in Malaysia with IT issues or are considering expanding to Malaysia, please contact us.