As a digital integrator in the DX era

Jun Momoi, President and Representative Director

At a time when all companies must make the digital shift in order to survive, what is needed above all else is highly skilled digital personnel.

Consultants who can innovate business models
Technicians who are proficient in AI, IoT, blockchain and other technologies
Web, mobile, cloud and other system developers and infrastructure engineers
Creators who create customer experiences through UI/UX and
Data scientists who find value from data Data scientists who find value from data.

We are a group of professionals who support the digital transformation of our clients.
As new technologies are born and evolve at a tremendous pace, our strength is that we do not stick to one technology or platform, but rather cover a wide range of technological fields and combine the most appropriate ones to build services.

We will support our customers' digital shift as an integrator for the digital age, not as a traditional system integrator that solves apparent problems, but as an integrator for the digital age that calculates backward from the future and realizes what needs to be done now.