Civic and Administrative Services

In order to improve the efficiency of administrative operations of local governments, we will promote the digitization of business operations and the introduction of information systems. For example, we will digitize documents (AI-OCR) and automate operations (RPA).

Examples of correspondence
  • 01. RPA (Automation tool)
  • 02. AI-OCR (Form data entry)
  • 03. Chatbot (Automated answering service)
Utilization of Open Data

The system will make various data held by local governments available to the public so that citizens and businesses can utilize them. For example, we provide systems such as hazard maps that link map information with disaster prevention data.

Examples of correspondence
  • 01. IoT devices (Device data collection)
  • 02. Cloud (Urban OS infrastructure)
  • 03. Data integration infrastructure (API service provision)
Promote local revitalization

We will foster new businesses and services that utilize digital technology to revitalize the local economy. For example, it will provide for the realization of smart cities and the digital utilization of local tourism resources.

Examples of correspondence
  • 01.SmartCity
  • 02. Disaster Prevention DX (Disaster Prevention)
  • 03. Regional Tourism DX (Regional Vitality)

Solution Case Studies

Beppu City

The use of RFID has streamlined the management of incoming/outgoing confirmation and expiration dates of stockpiled disaster supplies. An environment that enables the prompt and efficient provision of stockpiled supplies has been realized.

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Oita Trinita

Implemented measures to increase spectator satisfaction at the stadium. Developed a stamp rally application using beacons and smartphones, and an AI system that determines the level of congestion at concession stands based on image analysis.

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Banana Farm

IoT devices have been installed in greenhouses to understand the environment suitable for banana cultivation, which is rarely seen in Japan. Data on temperature, humidity, and CO2 are shared in real time with on-site managers and workers in charge.

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The "Smart City" and
"Digital Rural City State Initiative."


The "Smart City" proposed by the Cabinet Office is a sustainable city or region that continues to create new value by utilizing new technologies such as ICTSustainable cities and regions that continue to solve urban and regional problems and create new value, and are defined as the leading realization of Society 5.0.
The "Digital Rural City Nation Concept" also aims to address various social issues such as population decline, low birthrate, aging population, and industrial hollowing out in rural areas. The "Digital Rural City State Concept" aims to solve various social issues such as population decline, declining birthrate, aging population, and industrial hollowing out in rural areas by utilizing the power of digital technology.

■ Comprehensive Strategy for the Digital Rural City National Concept
To realize the Digital Rural City National Concept, this strategy enhances and strengthens the policies of each government ministry and agency, and positions KPIs and roadmaps for each policy for the five years from FY2023 to FY2027.

We will support the digitalization of local regions by promoting the "establishment of basic conditions for digital implementation" such as the development of digital infrastructure and human resource development.
Digital infrastructure development
Development and securing of digital human resources
Actions to ensure no one is left behind

AsiaQuest will support local governments in their various initiatives related to local development and digitalization.

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