Service Overview

AsiaQuest provides
consulting services with the goal of DX business implementation, backed by extensive digital technology expertise and
project experience.

Supporting field

Strategic concept development

This is the phase in which current business and operational issues are organized and visualized, and ideas are generated through user understanding and case studies to define the objectives of DX and digital implementation. The strategic concept is defined as what the DX project to be undertaken will change and provide value to the business

DX Requirement Definition

Redesign the value delivery process and business flow based on the defined strategic concept. Derive hypotheses of the expected effects produced by the new processes, and define the basic requirements for the system to be developed. In other words, Design the system as a DX methodology. 

Verification and design

DX requirements, we design specific tasks and detailed requirements necessary for realization, such as applicable technologies and project design, design of actual operation and service experience, such as UX/UI, and architecture, such as data retention and cloud storage. Design of a wide variety of action items from architecture, such as data retention and cloud storage, to PoC development, full implementation, and operation. DX creates a blueprint covering the enabling parts.

Implementation and operation
(Running together with the development team)

In order to keep pace with the fast-moving speed of market demands, modern systems require flexible technology adoption, modification, and continuous version upgrades to keep up with constant change.

AsiaQuest provides flexible implementation and operation systems that match the client's business characteristics and scale. AsiaQuest provides a full range of services, from consulting to full implementation, to "driving" DX together with our clients.  

Project Management (PMO)

Realizing DX requires a wide range of specialized resources, from business strategy to design and development implementation. In order to bring together these different talents and functionally promote DX projects, it is essential to understand, verbalize, and communicate the respective expertise of business strategy and technology development. It is essential to understand and communicate the respective expertise of management strategy and technology development in order to promote the project functionally.

AsiaQuest has experienced project managers who unite a wide variety of professionals and provide PMO support that enables the assignment of the right expert for the right situation. 

Main Services 

AsiaQuest Consulting Division (AQC) provides a variety of services to help clients solidify and bring their DX concepts to fruition. We provide research and conceptualization to review and augment your DX ideas, breakdown and architectural services to further realize your already solidified DX concepts, and a variety of other services to help you achieve the most complex, flexible, and effective solutions. 3 service categories consisting of a diverse, complex, and flexibility-oriented PMO. We will continue to support your DX from anywhere and everywhere.