Aiming for DX of core systems and information systems
Support for start-up, implementation, and internalization of cloud utilization

Toshin Industries Co., Ltd. is one of the leaders in the plating industry with world-class technology and creativity.
AsiaQuest provided total support to Toshin Industries for its on-premises internal infrastructure system migration to a cloud environment, from surveying and organizing the existing environment to studying future concepts and formulating policies up to the actual implementation of the said environment.
In line with the implementation, we continuously provided in-house cloud operations (cloud training) support. We also created initiatives to enable the staff in charge of the project to utilize the cloud on their own.

Customer HP:http://www.toshin-ind.co.jp/


To promote DX within the company with an eye on the future, Toshin Industries was considering moving its infrastructure system to the cloud. The company wanted to "set up a cloud environment, migrate the mission-critical system on-premises, and operate it in-house.'' to achieve this.

AsiaQuest, which has a wide range of experience in cloud technology from planning to implementation and operation, was requested by Toshin Industries and began a project to simultaneously support the development of their cloud environment and in-house production.


AsiaQuest adopted AWS as the cloud infrastructure for this project and realized the start of full-scale cloud utilization in a short period of time through the following steps.

STEP1) Grand design of the entire cloud environment and system design
We designed the overall policies and architecture of the ideal environment while considering the migration of the system in the future, including the operation monitoring and security for the production and development environments.

STEP2) Deployment of a new cloud server for the core system
As the first step of the system implementation, we introduced the planned core system for the on-premises to cloud migration. We let the client use and experience the benefits and features of the cloud environment firsthand.

STEP3) Migration of Active Directory to the cloud
As the second phase of the system implementation, we integrated with the core system and Microsoft 365 environment while migrating Active Directory to the cloud. We reviewed the usage policy of Active Directory, which has strengths in organizational management, and carried out a total implementation of the system.

In parallel with these steps, we also provided in-house support like hands-on training for users and technical advisors in case of trouble to ensure smooth utilization of the implemented AWS environment. We provide ongoing support while staying close to our customers.




By implementing the system step-by-step, we were able to experience firsthand the benefits of the cloud.
While developing the infrastructure environment with a sense of speed, we successfully reduce the client's operational burden through cloud-specific security measures and automation during operation monitoring.




We will continue to promote the use of cloud computing in the future.
As the third phase, we plan to move to the cloud, integrate file servers operating  under the unique rules of each location, and link them to Active Directory. Along with file server integration, we will unify the rules, aiming for company-wide ease of use and the accumulation and utilization of data across the board.
In addition, there is a large amount of underutilized data at each plant, and how to effectively operate them still needs to be addressed.
AsiaQuest, as Toshin Industries' cloud barter, aims to create a system aware of "improving operational efficiency in production plants" that utilizes new technologies such as cloud computing + AI and OCR.



"What I felt while working with AsiaQuest on this project was their proactive approach. It was the first time for us to use AWS for a project, and there were many parts of the project that we did not understand, such as the linkage with each AWS service and system. In a normal situation, AsiaQuest would only need to provide us with an overview of the specifications of services whose use was unknown to us, or the person in charge of the project would do his research.
However, AsiaQuest conducted a hands-on session with us, which allowed us to understand how each service behaves, and they proactively acted on points that were unclear or things that they wanted to achieve, which showed us that the environment they created is easy to interact with.
We are also preparing to build a file server on AWS, and we would like to use their technical support to promote in-house production and use that know-how to promote future business efficiency and business development."

Ryuma Sando
General Affairs Division
Toshin Industries Co., Ltd. Yokohama Factory