Adding functionality and eliminating technical debt for "BowNow" marketing automation
Providing support until the development team can run on its own

Cloud CIRCUS, Inc. provides marketing SaaS "Cloud CIRCUS" and is involved in marketing support, sales support, and publishing business.
When scaling up the "BowNow" marketing automation system, which forms the core of "Cloud CIRCUS," we conducted interviews, defined requirements, added functions and improved features, and helped the company resolve technical debt. In addition, we assist the company in creating an organization that will enable it to run on its own development team in the future.

Customer HP:https://cloudcircus.jp/


Cloud CIRCUS, Inc. had an in-house development team developing and maintaining the marketing automation product "BowNow. The company decided to make "BowNow" the company's main product among several SaaS products, but because the team was small, it was difficult to speed up both the improvement of existing functions and the development of new functions.

Nevertheless, the company did not have the detailed system specifications and design documents necessary to increase the number of staff, and lacked experience in large-scale projects. Therefore, they asked us to assist them in scaling up the project, as we had experience in large-scale projects and could assist them in scaling up while utilizing the existing development members of CrowdCircus.




We are advancing the development of "BowNow", a marketing automation (MA) system, and dealing with the repayment of technical debt incurred in the development to date. We are developing new functions in parallel with modifications, bug FIXes, and responses to vulnerabilities based on end-user requests for improvements.

We also provide the know-how necessary to create a development organization so that the client's development members can eventually run the project on their own. Our goal is to "enable CloudCircus to self-manufacture development work," and we are working on the necessary development flow and documentation in parallel with the development to achieve the project goal.


With a balanced increase in human resources, we are now able to run multiple new development teams in parallel. This allowed us to resolve areas such as "minor usability" that had previously been requested by end-users but had not been able to change. As a result, the number of new functions and bug FIXes has nearly doubled compared to the previous year compared to before the introduction of the system.

In addition, while in the past, when a failure occurred, all development progress was halted, the establishment of a team dedicated to performance has allowed us to allocate human resources to continuous performance improvement and response to failures, and has enabled us to solve problems and develop new functions in parallel.


In the "BowNow" development project, we plan to expand the number of development personnel on the client side in the future, and at the same time, we plan to gradually fade out the members on our side and provide support so that the project can run smoothly on its own.

However, even after the project has run on its own, the client is always welcome to call on us as needed in case of any problems, and for example, as the technical department, we will provide know-how in negotiating with the sales department and management.



In the course of having AsiaQuest provide services to us, there were many occasions when we realized that AsiaQuest's core values of "professionalism", "venture spirit", and "engagement" were being embodied. For example, when developing BowNow's integration with LINE, the director in charge of the project voluntarily obtained LINE certification, and when developing AI functions, other staff members actively asked to be involved in the project. Some members also read marketing books and attended trade shows to deepen their understanding of the BowNow concept and our business.

We asked them to treat us as if they were members of the same company, not business partners, and they have actually been treating us with a level playing field. They have been working with us to create a plan for our "in-house production of engineers" and have been considering direct mail for our direct recruiting. I was very impressed by the fact that they are doing their utmost to help us with this work, even though it is an activity that would normally lead to a decrease in our company's work. In the true sense of the word, they are a development vendor that "stands by you".

We believe that not only companies that are simply short of human resources for their own development work, but also companies that have a mountain of issues but do not know how to solve them, or companies that want to expand their projects smoothly, can find a solution by hiring AsiaQuest. It is also recommended for companies that have never hired a development vendor before, or have hired a development vendor in the past but had unsuccessful results. AsiaQuest is a company that will work with you to find the right answer.


About AsiaQuest, Inc.

AsiaQuest is a "digital integrator" that supports corporate DX. We do not only provide ordinary system integration, but also provide consulting services to help our clients think about DX together, and design, develop, and operate systems that make full use of digital technologies necessary for DX.
We have specialized technology teams in the digital fields of IoT, AI, Cloud, Mobile, Web, and UI/UX, and we can put together the most appropriate project team to achieve the client's goals. We are capable of speedy response from implementation of PoC to verification of effectiveness of business models and technical issues to construction of large scale systems for digitalization.