Reporting on the latest DX case studies in Japan and overseas

At the request of a major Japanese system integrator, Company A, AsiaQuest and Company B, a major marketing consulting firm, conducted a report on DX case studies in Japan and overseas.


In order to support the client in promoting DX, Company A needed to keep abreast of the latest information and trends in various DX cases in Japan and overseas, and also needed a flat critique from an external perspective. In addition, since the client's business implementation was a prerequisite, these DX case studies needed to be analyzed from both the marketing and system development perspectives.
This led to a reporting project in which Company B, with its strength in marketing, and AsiaQuest, with its knowledge of system development, conducted a survey of DX case studies in Japan and overseas, and compiled the results of their analysis into a report.


The process of problem solving and challenge in this project is as follows


  • Survey of overseas case studies focusing on the retail and distribution industry and research on business models, technology background, etc.
  • Primary target industries are retail, logistics, entertainment, and facilities management

Key words for the survey:

  • OMO (Online to Offline)
  • D2C
  • new retail
  • last one mile
  • MFC (Micro Fullfilment Center)
  • dark store
  • Individual authentication, ID and ticketing

(lessening the significance or value of the previous word) the likes of



  • To understand the latest DX trends, business models, and technologies used, with a focus on the retail industry, and to increase the amount of knowledge that will lead to future product development, technologies to be adopted, and solutions to be provided.
  • To stimulate members' knowledge exploration and emergence by exposing them to a variety of cases

Issue Resolution:

  • Analysis of DX trends in the U.S. and other major countries
  • Reports on about 30 cases of major companies
  • Elemental decomposition of the same, business model, and services
  • Same, analysis of value delivery transformation through the introduction of digital technology.



  • Extraction of notable cases and acquisition of detailed information from the U.S., China, and Europe, respectively
  • Obtaining supporting information from various specialized journals, databases, etc.
  • Transformation of DX Navigator's editorial information-gathering capabilities




In Japan, there are very few comprehensive summaries of DX case studies, which tend to lean toward specific well-known companies. AsiaQuest also feels that there are few articles, reports, or books that explain "why this model was established" from a technical perspective.

AsiaQuest will continue to focus on the leading trends of DX and strive to support our clients in generating ideas and formulating strategies for business transformation through digitalization.