Replacement of patent database (large data) from on-premise environment to cloud environment

Hatsumei-Tsushin Co.,Ltd is a company that provides comprehensive support for customers' intellectual property strategies through intellectual property information. We provided total support for the migration of patent information data stored in an existing on-premise environment to the cloud, from research and organization of the current environment to policy formulation, technical verification, and data migration.

Customer HP:https://www.hatsumei.co.jp/


Hatsumei-Tsushin Co.,Ltd had a huge amount of data related to patent information and expected to grow linearly in capacity in the future, which would increase the time and cost of server expansion, maintenance, and upkeep year by year.
The company was considering migrating its content and data to a cloud service in order to reduce costs and maintenance workloads when it came time to replace its on-premise servers, but there had never been a case of data migration exceeding 1 billion files (160 TB in capacity) due to technical challenges. The company needed to start with a feasible migration method.


AWS, which offers the Amazon Snowball data transfer service, was selected as the cloud infrastructure, and by utilizing Amazon Snowball, a means of migrating large volumes of data from on-premise servers to Amazon S3 was established. First, we started with a survey of the current environment to organize the data types and locations to be used for data migration. After completing the survey of the current situation, we formulated a data migration method using Amazon Snowball and conducted technical verification. The following steps were taken to migrate large volumes of data.

Connect the Snowball appliance to the internal NW environment

Transfer data to Snowball Appliance by dedicated client

Complete data transfer to Snowball Appliance and send back to AWS

Data store from Snowball Appliance to S3 (move)





By maintaining an infrastructure environment that could withstand the challenges of maintaining an infrastructure environment and storing and processing ever-increasing amounts of data, we were able to reduce the operational burden related to data preservation.
In addition, the use of AWS Snowball enabled a speedy migration of 160TB of large data to the AWS environment in a secure manner with no loss of transferred data.

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In the future, we plan to expand the service by creating an API for data transfer and integrating user interfaces that link various systems, in order to effectively utilize the accumulated data and further enhance customer convenience.


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