Construction of a system for managing the number of broadcast receivers in use for a cable television station

PLAT WORKS Corporation has been providing optimal workflow for various companies involved in broadcasting and distribution.
Asia Quest received a request from Platworks Inc. to systemize the management of the number of broadcast receivers in use for cable TV stations and broadcasters, conducted interviews, defined requirements, and built a full-scratch system.

Platworks, Inc : https://plat.works/


Before the system was built, reports on the number of broadcast receivers in use from each agency were input into an Excel format and received via e-mail, creating a large operational burden in the month-end billing process.
In addition, many of the staff members at the privately owned agencies were elderly, and some of them were receiving the reports by fax, which was also increasing the operational load.
In building this system, we aimed to reduce the operational load by encouraging each agent to input data and designing a screen that is easy for the elderly to use.


AsiaQuest was in charge of the project from the hearing and requirement definition phases and promoted the project as a full-scratch development.
In particular, we made a number of proposals from the requirement definition phase to realize a simple screen and a simple input flow so that even the elderly could easily input data, and we were able to build a more user-friendly system.
We also took measures to prevent input omissions, such as automatically reminding agents who have not yet inputted their information.


As for infrastructure, we use AWS because we need short frequency data backups, fault tolerance, and future scaling.
By using Auto Scaling and RDS, the configuration can flexibly respond to future increases in the number of accesses and data volume.
In addition, we have adopted a system that facilitates system operation by making full use of AWS functions such as environment construction using Cloudformation, builds using Code Pipeline, and log management using Cloud Watch.。


The new system will reduce the time and effort required for month-end processing, which used to take a great deal of time and effort.
The system is currently being implemented with the expectation that it will be used by many cable TV stations and broadcasters.
The use of AWS for the infrastructure has also made it possible to build a flexible configuration and ensure scalability as needed.




We are also preparing for customization for individual broadcasters, and will promote implementation to cable TV stations and broadcasters, as well as individual customization.
For individual customization, Cloudformation makes it easy to manage and duplicate the environment and reduce man-hours.