TOAI Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as TOAI) provides a wide range of services to customers mainly in western Japan under the theme of "Delivering Wonderful Experiences to Customers Around the World. In particular, TOAI's Karaoke business "Jankara" operates approximately 170 outlets nationwide and utilizes its self-developed apps to improve the customer experience. In order to effectively and smoothly utilize the large amount of data that will continue to accumulate in the future, they asked AsiaQuest, which has a wealth of experience in cloud computing, to implement a data analysis platform.

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TOAI had been accumulating POS data, application data, and other data related to its karaoke business in different databases. The data was extracted and used individually, but the data handling became complicated, and it was difficult to effectively utilize all the data and improve the customer experience in real time.
In order to make even more effective use of the vast amount of data that will continue to increase in the future, the company was considering implementing a data analysis platform (DWH) to smoothly collect/process, centrally manage, and visualize the various types of data.

They asked AsiaQuest, as a Google Cloud Partner, to provide both technical support for cloud infrastructure and support for in-house production.


As a Google Cloud Service Partner, we selected Google Cloud as our cloud infrastructure. We proposed a system design centered on BigQuery as the data analysis platform and promoted speedy implementation.

We also supported the client's internal engineers and analysts in their efforts to bring the data in-house so that they could continue to make use of the data on their own.
As a measure to improve skills related to Google Cloud, we provided Google Cloud Skill Boost and user training programs.




POS data, application data, and other data are now managed centrally, and data browsing has become smoother, enabling multifaceted data analysis by combining data from each of these sources.
In addition, support for the internalization of operations related to data analysis has enabled TOAI's staff to handle data directly, enabling them to quickly implement initiatives to improve the customer experience.
Effective decision-making and strategy formulation are expected to lead to increased satisfaction for karaoke users.




In the future, we will develop the accumulation and utilization of data across the board so that each employee and staff can utilize the BI dashboard. This utilization will enable TOAI to provide services that are more tailored to user characteristics and provide a higher level of customer satisfaction.

AsiaQuest, as a cooperative partner supporting TOAI's cloud + application development and utilization of advanced technology, aims to create a system with "Entertainment x DX" in mind.