Digitalization of Stockpile Management Using IoT/RFID to Promote DX for Municipalities and Disaster Prevention

Beppu City has been promoting municipal DX and has made many efforts under the "BEPPU x Digital First Promotion Plan" since 2021.
As part of this plan, AsiaQuest supported the implementation of a disaster prevention DX solution to make the management of disaster stockpiles more efficient through digitalization.
(*Cabinet Office: FY2021 Digital Rural City National Initiative grant project)

Customer HP:https://www.city.beppu.oita.jp/


In Beppu City's previous system, the management of disaster stockpiles was conducted mainly by hand, requiring a great deal of time to accurately ascertain the number of supplies, confirm storage locations, and manage expiration dates. Digitalization was required to resolve these issues and promote operational efficiency by improving accuracy and reducing man-hours.


AsiaQuest assessed the current situation and collaborated with DENTSU SOKEN SECURE SOLUTIONS INC. (formerly ISID-AO) to provide the system development and solution.
The stockpiled goods to be considered exceeded several thousand items, and continuous management and circulation of goods (in/out) were essential. For efficient management of these items, a cost-effective "RFID*1" system was adopted and affixed to each container of goods. In addition, DENTSU SOKEN SECURE SOLUTIONS INC.'s "RFID-based Goods Management Efficiency Solution Roconie*2" was introduced to propose and implement a disaster prevention DX solution that combines inventory and warehouse entry/exit management with the flexibility to be customized.
1. monitoring the status of incoming and outgoing shipments
The delivery and warehousing status of goods can be checked and registered with RFID without any hassle. In addition, when delivering goods to evacuation centers, it is possible to read the RFID tags and grasp the status of goods being delivered from the warehouse without any hassle. 

2. streamlining of management operations
The use of RFID tags makes it possible to efficiently conduct inventories and check the status of incoming and outgoing shipments. In addition, by linking RFID tags with various information such as expiration dates and storage shelf numbers, it is possible to make a list of expired goods and accurately identify their storage locations, thereby saving labor in management operations.

3. fault tolerance and safety
This solution is a system that operates in a cloud environment, providing an environment that is highly resilient to disasters. In addition, since the system operates in a private environment for the exclusive use of customers, access can be restricted so that only relevant personnel can use the system, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring safety.




*1 RFID:
Abbreviated name for Radio Frequency IDentification. An automatic recognition technology that uses radio waves to capture information from IC tags in a non-contact manner, convert it into data, and perform authentication, etc.

*2 What is Roconie?
Roconie is an application package provided by DENTSU SOKEN SECURE SOLUTIONS INC. that enables easy introduction of RFID into business operations.
Roconie utilizes RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology to prevent human error and improve work efficiency by allowing the system to record and check objects and people in inventory, lending management, warehouse entry/exit management, and access control.
In addition, since the system is packaged with basic functions that utilize operation-confirmed devices and cloud computing and smartphones, there is no need to design and develop the system from scratch. Furthermore, the system can be easily customized and expanded as needed.
This product is ideal for customers who want to adapt RFID to their on-site operations, start small improvement activities, or improve on-site efficiency without affecting existing systems.


The introduction of IoT/RFID has enabled real-time visualization of the status of supplies distributed from stockpile warehouses to evacuation centers and other locations in the event of a disaster, creating an environment that enables the prompt and efficient provision of stockpiled supplies and contributing to safety and security in the event of a disaster.


Currently, the system is only being introduced at the first site, but Beppu City is planning to expand the system to all of its disaster prevention stockpile warehouses.
By centrally managing information on supplies in all disaster prevention stockpile warehouses, we aim to further improve the efficiency of management operations.