Introduction of grade test analysis report output system using AI

Eishinkan Corporation is Kyushu's largest private tutoring school. Skydisc, Inc. is a company that thoroughly provides the AIxSaaS service "saiteki works,'' and uses the power of AI to support the sustainable growth of small and medium-sized manufacturing industries, which are Japan's core industries.

AsiaQuest was commissioned by Skydisc to jointly develop an AI-based grade test analysis report output system for Eishinkan. The system uses AI to analyze the results of Eishinkan's regular academic achievement tests (hereinafter referred to as "public tests"), identify students' weak areas, and suggest measures for improvement, which can then be used for learning planning.

Eishinkan Corporation HP: https://www.eishinkan.net/

Skydisc, Inc. HP: https://skydisc.jp/


Eishinkan conducts public tests several times a year for its own students, prospective students, and external applicants. After the test, each instructor reports the results of the public test and gives advice on future study methods in individual interviews. In addition to their primary duties, the teachers had to analyze the test results of all students to determine their weak areas and give individual advice, which was a heavy workload for them.
Therefore, we developed an AI-based grade test analysis report output system to provide more personalized study plans and at the same time reduce the workload of the instructors.


AsiaQuest oversaw the project from the system requirement definition phase to provide technical support for Eishinkan and Skydisc's vision.

-Roles of each company during the development phase
Skydisc oversaw generating data for the score system, proposing how to utilize the system to Eishinkan, and selecting the technology. AsiaQuest oversaw building the infrastructure using AWS, rendering the generated data into the final output format, and arranging the output content. Since a large amount of data was to be handled, emphasis was placed on checking for required data and preventing errors due to missing data in the data structure design. We also took into consideration the layout of the output PDF, the final product.

This project uses AWS as the cloud platform, on which AsiaQuest has a wealth of experience and know-how. We achieved both cost efficiency and processing performance by configuring the management screen for creating AI analysis reports on the Amazon EC2 Web server, and by separating and executing the heavy-load AI analysis processing as processing on AWS Batch.

- AWS Configuration diagram





The introduction of this system has reduced the burden on cram school instructors of analyzing weak areas based on the test results of all students and providing individual advice.
The ability to analyze using AI has made it possible to provide advice that is more tailored to each individual student, which has helped us differentiate ourselves from other cram schools.


The current target audience for public testing is limited and we aim to expand further.
AsiaQuest will continue to implement proposals for business improvement and operational efficiency using AI technology.