Wednesday, January 25, 2023
Co-Hosted Webinar

AsiaQuest, an advocate of Digital Transformation (DX) support,
will co-host a webinar with Being Consulting.

PMs and development departments should consider

Project Management

Businessman presenting new project to partners

DX has become a household word in recent years, and many companies are working to change their management policies to incorporate DX into their operations. On the other hand, in actual workplaces, companies are increasingly facing organizational issues and situations in which projects are going nowhere.

The year 2023 is two years before the 2025 cliff.

In order to make activities toward corporate transformation more fruitful, the business managers of the two companies, who have a wealth of practical experience, will offer their perspectives and further examine anti-patterns in a discussion format.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

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【Recommended for】

Corporate executives, management, department heads, section managers, etc.

  • Project lengthening is putting pressure on management
  • Want to know how to improve their organization
  • Want to prevent project delays
  • Want to change management's mindset

PMO, project managers, etc.

  • Projects are always going up in flames
  • Overtime work, working on holidays, etc., is continuing (the work site is exhausted)
  • Want to shorten project lead times and increase on-time delivery rates
  • Want to make project management easier

    * Contents are subject to change.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Online Delivery (Zoom)
Participation Fee : Free

Pre-registration is required.

EmojiProfile of Speakers

Being Consulting Co., Ltd.
President, COO Partner
Mr. Tomohiro Goto

Mr. Goto joined Being Inc. in 2001. In 2001, he joined Being, Inc. and was impressed by the concept of TOC (Theory of Constraints) and CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management) introduced for business innovation and product development in the company. In 2005, he began working as a consulting specialist to support management innovation using TOC/CCPM. He has been involved in the introduction, implementation, and establishment of TOC/CCPM in a wide variety of industries and business categories, including manufacturing, IT, medical, construction, and other industries such as automobile manufacturers and smartphone new product development, as well as large companies listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and small and medium-sized enterprises. He is also an expert in the S&T Tree (Strategy and Tactics Tree), which visualizes the connection between strategy and tactics, and in the Thinking Process, which identifies organizational constraints, and has been involved in numerous transformations of companies themselves, and is well known for his consulting methods, extensive knowledge, and experience. He is the author of the book "Project Management Evolution: Critical Chain Project Management" published by President, Inc. in 2022. He is the Representative Director of the Japan TOC Association (JTA).


AsiaQuest Co., Ltd.
General Manager, Consulting Department
Yusuke Yamashita

Mr. Yamashita joined AsiaQuest after working for a domestic system integrator and then via domestic and foreign consulting firms.
He has experienced from system planning to system development for production plants, business reforms, and system modification plans in accordance with the revision of the United Nations Act during his time as a system integrator, and further experienced a wide range of projects as a consultant from R&D project promotion, program management assistance, market research to strategic planning. He has also experienced a wide range of projects as a consultant, from R&D project promotion and program management to market research and strategic planning.
He has a deep knowledge of semiconductor manufacturing operations in particular, and has been responsible for a wide range of problem solving from upstream to execution as a consultant, including visualization of business structure, restructuring of R&D projects, concept definition, and start-up of new projects.