Thursday, March 16, 2023
Co-hosted Webinar

AsiaQuest, an advocate of Digital Transformation (DX) support, 
will co-host a webinar with Goodpatch.

Co-organized Webinar
<The Key to Successful Projects! >
A PM from a design company and a PM from a development company talk about team relationships

What are the keys to project success from the
two perspectives of " Development" and "Design"?

The key to a successful project is the way in which the project is carried out.

And in order to lead a project to success, you may be struggling with team communication and structure building, and may be considering seeking assistance from or outsourcing to an external partner.

However, there are some uncertainties in outsourcing, such as "how the project will proceed" and "whether it is possible to flexibly change the structure to suit the project," and these are some of the questions we often receive.

In this seminar, project managers from AsiaQuest and Goodpatch, who have a lot of experience in project accompaniment, will talk about issues that often arise in projects and how to solve them in a panel discussion format. We hope to provide perspectives from the two companies' perspectives on development and design to help promote your project. Please feel free to join us.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Online Delivery (Zoom)
Participation Fee : Free

* Pre-registration is required.

【Webinar Theme】
  • Case studies of project structure and progress
  • Challenges and solutions encountered in the project
  • How design and development companies can help each other perform

【Recommended for】
    • Those who are considering how to make their projects run smoothly
    • Those who are struggling to build an appropriate structure to match the growth of their business
    • Those who are considering outsourcing to an external partner but are having a hard time understanding the image of collaboration


Goodpatch Inc.
Project Manager
Yoshinori Nagata

He worked at an IT strategy subsidiary of a TV station, where he experienced a series of operations from planning to development and operation system construction, focusing on web service development projects. After working as an engineer, director, and project manager, he managed business, development, and back office operations before joining Goodpatch. As a project manager, he works hard every day to deliver good design.


AsiaQuest Co., Ltd.
Akinori Fujii

Joined AsiaQuest in 2019 after working in retail and IT recruiting. He has worked on proposals for clients across multiple industries, including order management systems for lodging facilities, mobile apps for cosmetics manufacturers, and systemization proposals for department stores to realize new businesses. After working as a project manager to promote agile development for new businesses at a business company, he examined requirements, established a system, and provided support for actual development.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Online Delivery (Zoom)
Participation Fee : Free

* Pre-registration is required.