Application to enhance JKT48's handshake event

As beaconnect plus for B to C, we provided total planning, design, development, and operational support for a rally application that uses a smartphone acting as a beacon to collect photos. -Release 20th July 2019

JKT48 Foto2 Reli: https://jkt48.com/news/detail/id/1145?lang=jp


Background and Purpose

JKT48 has been holding handshake events as a privilege for purchasing "JKT48 Download Cards", which allow the customer to shake hands with the member designated at the time of purchase.

In response to the need for fans to stay longer at the venue and enjoy the event beyond the handshake time, we proposed an app using AsiaQuest's IoT platform "beaconnect plus".


Participants of the handshaking event downloaded the "JKT48 Foto2 Reli" app, turned on Bluetooth, and approached the image acquisition point to get a free limited photo of the members without standing in line, even in a crowded venue.

We have also developed a system whereby those who collect all 16 images can get limited live photos as a special offer, which is done smoothly through the app's functionality. By allowing participants to enjoy time outside of the handshaking session, we aimed to improve participant satisfaction.



Considering that an event in Indonesia is different from an environment in Japan, we provided a one-stop service from application image, logo, writing, and translation to development and production of displays for information purposes.


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