Developed an access control system using beacons

Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd. manufactures wiring harnesses and, together with other group companies, has the world's No. 1 market share and a 26% share of the global market. In order to manage the working hours of engineers working in laboratories, factories, and offices more smoothly, the company introduced an access control system that is inexpensive and easily linked to the system without interfering with the daily operations of the client company and us.


Customer HPhttps://www.sws.co.jp/


The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's "Guidelines on Measures to be Taken by Employers for Appropriate Grasping of Working Hours (issued on January 20, 2009)" has been revised, requiring even stricter measures than before for working hour management at client companies.
 It was difficult to introduce IC cards and other systems to our business partners, and they were prohibited from bringing in cell phones, PCs, etc. However, the deciding factor in our decision to introduce a system using beacons was that it would not adversely affect their systems, could be installed in any location, and could accurately track entry and exit records.


We asked engineers working in the client company's laboratories, factories, and offices to carry small portable beacons, and installed gateway devices (beacon radio wave receivers) in the locations where they worked.
The gateway devices were compatible with mobile lines (Docomo) and did not affect the client's network environment. We provided a system that acquires beacon logs when engineers enter and leave the work area, and stores and aggregates the logs on the cloud via the gateway device.
 Features of the system include a dedicated management screen that allows users to manage beacons and gateway devices, check their status, and search and view logs. In addition, the system was used as a beacon-based entry/exit management system by aggregating entry and exit time data from the acquired beacon logs and linking it to an existing time and attendance system via an API.




By aggregating entry/exit data from the acquired beacon logs and linking and automating the system with the existing entry/exit system, we have realized working hour management for engineers in accordance with the guidelines.
In addition, engineers used to create attendance record sheets on paper in addition to inputting the data into the system that manages attendance. The on-site manager is now free from the task of checking paper attendance records, and has also been able to improve the work efficiency of the site.


We will consider deploying this system at locations throughout Japan, subject to approval by our business partners.