Building a Job Matching Website

Implemented a job matching site with various functions in only one month


We were told that it is very difficult for companies to find qualified personnel with specific qualifications for their work requests.
We therefore decided to build a website that would allow companies to recruit people with specific qualifications and match them with the jobs they were looking for.


AsiaQuest conducted all processes up to the design phase on the client's side, and based on the design documents we received, we carried out coding and unit testing.
The system development period was approximately one month, and the verification period was one month. Under the strict conditions that the design and HTML production had to be done at the same time, we were able to deliver the system on time by communicating with the client via e-mail, telephone, Skype, and all other means, and by responding quickly and flexibly.


The matching site is equipped with functions such as member registration/management, job registration/request, job offer, bank account management, identification document submission, and various notification functions. The client and trustee sides use the same logic for login management, and the administrator side is separated by a subdomain to provide greater flexibility in site design and a secure system.