A life insurance company Development of an insurance application/automated underwriting system

Automation of application and underwriting process reduces business cost and underwriting days.


A life insurance company had been accepting applications for insurance products in paper form, and was manually conducting underwriting, notifying underwriting results, and registering the applications into the system.
The company needed to systemize the process from application to underwriting and automatically perform underwriting in order to reduce operational costs and the number of underwriting days.
AsiaQuest, a company that understands business requirements and specializes in developing systems that require high security standards, was assigned to develop the system.


By converting application forms for insurance products to the Web, the cost of typing documents into the system has been reduced. In addition, the need to exchange documents has been eliminated, and the number of days required for underwriting has been reduced.
The valuation is automated by linking with other systems that have valuation logic through an API. The time lag in appraisal has also been minimized. In addition, by providing a management screen for partner financial institutions in order to support sales by partner financial institutions, it is now possible to notify appraisal results to partner financial institutions without manual intervention by the client company.


In the future, we have a plan to fully automate the process, including systems on the part of partner financial institutions, to achieve faster assessments.