Bridal Industry Converting iOS App to Swift

Converted an app created in Objective-C to Swift


We were asked by a company that provides various services to the bridal industry to convert an iPad application created in Objective-C into Swift.
The app includes a survey function for visitors at wedding halls and a catalog function that displays images and videos registered from the management screen.
We implemented the Swift adaptation of the app for use by on-site personnel when serving customers face to face.


The application was intended to be used not only in an online environment, but also in an offline environment. Since it is not possible to communicate with the server and display content in real time when in an offline environment, a mechanism was needed to download and retain content from the server in advance, and a function to synchronize images and videos was implemented.
The Objective-C version was designed to retrieve all data during synchronization, but the Swift version allows only incremental updates, making it simpler.

The Swift version allows for simple updates, such as changing the size of images to be displayed, and the addition of new functions, such as changing the size of images to be displayed, can be done quickly and easily. In addition, it is now possible to adapt the display to the size of the screen, such as changing the display to a large screen, assuming an iPadPro.