Switching from an ASP shopping cart to an in-house EC system, the company has achieved a higher degree of freedom while also taking over data

EC Studio operates "Odekomart", an EC site for cosmetics and beauty products with the theme of "Decorating girls beautifully. The company uses bloggers and popular models popular among young women for promotions, and sales are steadily increasing.



Odekomart began operating its EC site in 2014 using an ASP service.
The ASP service allowed the initial and monthly costs to be kept relatively low, and there were no particular problems at the start of operations, allowing sales to increase smoothly.
However, after about six months of operation, both the customer side and the management side gradually began to ask for more functions, smoother operations, and modifications to the site.
We then consulted with the ASP service provider, but because the service was shared with another company, it was difficult for them to accept our requests for improvement.
Therefore, considering the future growth of sales, it became necessary to build a dedicated EC site with more flexibility by full-scratch, and AsiaQuest, which has experience in building EC and web systems, was chosen to replace the system.


The most inconvenient aspect of the old system was that, due to system reasons, it was not possible to change only the payment method for subscription purchases, and customers had to re-apply for the new system.
The subscription purchase service offered a gift based on the number of times a customer continued to purchase a subscription, but because it was time-consuming for customers to change their payment method, many customers stopped continuing their purchases.
The new system allows customers to change their payment method smoothly, which has dramatically reduced the number of customers who stop continuing their subscription purchases.
In addition, since continuity is important for diet and beauty supplements, a system was introduced that allows customers to automatically order as much as they want, when they want it.
Customers can now choose between a one-time purchase and a regular purchase, and for regular purchases, the delivery cycle can be selected from 30 or 60 days.
In addition, by linking with the distribution company's system, the delivery inquiry number can now be checked on the management screen, reducing the operator's workload.
In addition to the basic functions required for an e-commerce site, such as member management, order management, contents management, and simultaneous e-mail distribution, the system also provides step e-mail distribution according to the timing of customer actions, functions for measuring the effectiveness of advertising on each landing page, and migration of blogs created with WordPress, etc., in response to individual customer requests. We provide a system that meets the needs of each customer.
Even after the introduction of the system, we are constantly evolving the system to meet customer requests one after another.


In the future, the EC sites of different brands will be migrated to the new system, and furthermore, the EC sites of new brands will be operated on the same system. The management screen has been developed in such a way that it can be operated from a single management screen even if the number of brands increases, providing a system that will enable the simultaneous development of three brands in the future to improve operational efficiency.