Membership Management System Implementation using HeartCore

Implemented membership management function using CMS HeartCore


A company was developing a web system for writers to manage article submissions, and they decided to customize and develop a writer management, article submission management, and member management function using a CMS called HeartCore.
The client approached us, a company with strong CMS and Java development capabilities, and we implemented the addition of a member management function to the base CMS functionality using HeartCore.


We were in charge of coding and unit testing of the member management function based on the design and specifications provided by the client.
Based on the HeartCore specification, we mainly used HTML, JSP, and JQuery for the front-end part, and Java for the back-end part.


We constructed a UI-oriented system with an automatic login function and CSV output function, which resulted in improved work efficiency for our clients.
In addition, in order to implement a member information management function, we built a system with excellent security by incorporating security controls for login information and sessions, resulting in a system that customers can use safely.