Report on the 2nd Engineer Exchange Meeting with Maeda Corporation

Maeda Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Maeda Kensetsu Kogyo) is actively adopting cutting-edge technologies to transform itself from a traditional form of construction company that undertakes comprehensive construction to a "total infrastructure service company" that integrates new services.
On Thursday, May 8, 2024, the second engineer exchange meeting between Maeda Corporation and AsiaQuest was held at AsiaQuest's headquarters in Iidabashi, Tokyo.


Click here to see the first session.

At this exchange meeting, a workshop was held to solve a problem related to "data collection in mountain tunnels," which is an issue in a project currently underway.

In the workshop, we invited people who actually work in the field of civil engineering (mountain tunnels) and feel the challenges as personas, and used the "design thinking" method to create ideas that lead to solutions to user-centered issues.


First, a client who is actually participating in a mountain tunnel project at a civil engineering site shared with us the prerequisite knowledge of mountain tunnels, the technology used in the project, and the challenges in operation.


Multiple mixed teams of AsiaQuest engineers then worked together to come up with ideas for services to solve the issues shared in the previous phase, selected, and completed prototypes.



At the end, each team gave a presentation based on their completed prototypes, which were critiqued by the customer.


■Some excerpts from customer critiques

This was the first time for us to have such a discussion and to come up with a variety of ideas, but it was refreshing to see that everyone came up with ideas of such high quality that we thought they had been involved in mountain tunnels for one or two years, which will be helpful for us in the future. Thank you very much for your time today.











↑Toast to Persona's customers and the idea winning team this time!

After the workshop, we also had a dinner party to deepen exchanges. AsiaQuest will continue to strive every day to provide better support to Maeda Corporation as we deepen our connections with them.

■ AsiaQuest Participant Comments

This was a great opportunity to learn a lot from all of you! By talking with all the participants, I could understand what they consider important in their daily work and what problems they are having. I hope to attend regularly in the future so that we can continue to inspire each other!


It was a great opportunity for me to learn what perspectives and thoughts everyone has when proposing a project.
I would definitely like to participate again in the future to catch up on your thinking.


Since it was right after the New graduates training, it was my first opportunity to exchange views with senior staff and customers.
I was very nervous, but it was a valuable experience at this time of the year and gave me a lot of stimulation as it highlighted issues to be addressed in the future!
I am now bracing myself to do my best to catch up in order to come up with more ideas and provide more value!