AsiaQuest helped Kajima Corporation develop its 3D visualization platform "3D K-Field," which won the 2022 Good Design Award.

AsiaQuest Co., Ltd.( Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Jun Momoi; hereinafter "AsiaQuest") which supports the digital transformation of companies by utilizing digital technologies such as IoT and AI, is pleased to announce that its 3D visualization platform "3D K-Field" for KAJIMA CORPORATION, for which it provided design, design, and development support, has won the "Good Design Award 2022" sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. 


■What is 3D K-Field?

3D K-Field is a 3D visualization platform that overlays the positions of people and objects on a model of a city or building in a virtual space in real time. Users can intuitively grasp their location information from a web browser. As a platform for integrated visualization of all data associated with spatial data, it enables remote monitoring and efficient operation of building projects. At the same time, we aim to promote its application to building operations and existing building management after construction is completed, and to expand its use in various industries.
In addition, the 3D K-Field development team focused on the following points in terms of design.

【Key design points】

Reproduce the "real world now" in a virtual space by integrating and displaying various IoT data in the building on BIM*1.
A search function that allows users to instantly find out "who is where" and "where are my things" in the building.
A UI that makes first-time visitors want to touch it, and a UX that is intuitive for first-time users.

For more details, please refer to the Good Design Award official website below.

【Award page】

Awarded name:    3D visualization platform [3D K-Field]
Award Summary:
More information:

■ AsiaQuest's area of responsibility

AsiaQuest participated in the 3D K-Field development project as a prototype development support partner from the idea conception stage. Since then, we have provided continuous support for various adjustments, improvements, and scale-up. Our main areas of expertise are as follows.

・Visualization and realization of ideas (prototyping)
・Interface design
・Front-end development (3D space, operation panels, object rendering, etc.)
・IoT-related development (sensing data acquisition, processing, transmission, etc.)
・Infrastructure development (cloud environment construction, etc.)

AsiaQuest will continue to support the 3D K-Field project by helping to solve various technical issues that will accompany the future improvement and expansion of the service.

*1 BIM (Building Information Modeling)
BIM is a database of buildings in which various attribute data, such as material costs and design information, are added to a three-dimensional digital model of the building. BIM is a generic term for solutions and software that centrally manage information in all processes from design, construction, to maintenance and management. The use of BIM is now mainstream in building project management.