Utilizing "3D K-Field" as a platform for spatial information data linkage in smart cities

AsiaQuest Co., Ltd. ( Head office: Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Jun Momoi; hereinafter "AsiaQuest"),has developed 3D K-Field, a platform for remote management of construction sites, in collaboration with KAJIMA CORPORATION(Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chairman and Representative Director: Yoshikazu Oshimi), One Team Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Jin Ito), and MULTISOUP CO., LTD. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Toshimune Nasu), a platform for centralized remote management of construction sites, will be used in the large-scale complex "HANEDA INNOVATION" operated by HANEDA MIRAI KAIHATSU KAIHATSU (Head Office: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kouaki Yamaguchi) in which nine companies including KAJIMA CORPORATION have invested a large-scale complex facility operated by Haneda Mirai Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Kouaki Yamaguchi), in which nine companies including Kajima Corporation have invested.

■Use of 3D K-Field in HICity

3D K-Field will be utilized as part of the "Spatial Information Data Linkage Platform" that enables visualization of mobility and robot location information.
(Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Takeshin Kono), the availability of restrooms and meeting rooms will be visualized in a 3D virtual representation of HICity and installed as an information board within the facility to enhance user convenience.

In the future, HICity will be used to visualize the location information of facility management staff, autonomous buses, and service robots, as well as to grasp the congestion status of each facility, in order to improve visitor satisfaction and realize more efficient facility management and operations.

・3D K-Field main screen

・3D K-Field is also used as an information board.


■About 3D K-Field

3D K-Field is a platform for centralized remote management of construction sites that combines IoT data and BIM models to enable managers to monitor the location of people, equipment, and materials in real time by accessing the platform via the web, without having to travel to the site. In addition, the platform enables managers to check the location they wish to check at any time by checking the images from cameras installed on the site and the weather conditions on the site, thereby significantly reducing the man-hours required for traveling to and from the work site and checking the site.




■About AsiaQuest Co., Ltd.

AsiaQuest is a "Digital integrator" that supports corporate DX. In addition to ordinary system integration, AsiaQuest undertakes a full range of services from consulting to design, development, and operation of systems that make full use of digital technologies necessary for DX, as well as working together with customers on their DX.

We have specialized technology teams in the digital fields of IoT, AI, Cloud, Mobile, Web, and UI/UX, and we can put together the most appropriate project team to achieve the client's goals. We are capable of speedy response from PoC implementation to construction of large scale systems for digitalization