AWS Japan Co-hosted Event  " AWS Certification Festival " Awards Ceremony was held.

On Thursday, May 23, 2024, an awards ceremony for the AWS Certification Festival (details below) was held at the headquarters conference room of Amazon Web Services Japan, LLC (AWS Japan).
The top five AsiaQuest employees who earned the most certifications during the event were honored and presented with awards by AWS Japan.


[ AWS Award Recipients ]



Ryusuke Mitsuda (all crowns were obtained within a certain period of time)
  -Basic 1
  -Associate 3
  -Professional 2
  -Specialty 6

Toshiki Imamura (Achieved all crowns)
  -Associate 2
  -Professional 2
  -Specialty 6

Takeshi Mukai (Achieved all ranks)
   -Professional 2
   -Specialty 6

Tomoki Igawa (Achieved all the above)
  -Associate 2
  -Professional 1
  -Specialty 6

23 New graduates
Hekito Yauchi
  -Associate 1
  -Professional 2
  -Specialty 1

The number of certifications listed above is the number obtained during the event period.


◾️What is the AWS Certification Festival?

We have long been actively pursuing AWS certifications as a way to improve our technical skills and to prove that we have expertise in AWS,
We have been actively working on the acquisition of AWS certification as a way to improve our technical skills and expertise in AWS.
In addition, the Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) was established in January 2023 as a cross-functional organization to promote cloud technology, and is working to improve the company's cloud technology capabilities and promote various standardization initiatives.

We were looking to increase the number of AWS certifications and to actively promote the number of Japan AWS ALL Certifications Engineers (12 awards), when AWS Japan proposed Certapalooza (a certification acquisition event), and we decided to hold the event jointly with CCoE and AWS Japan. AWS ALL Certifications Engineers (12 titles).

Outline of the event

One year from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024

 AWS Japan Inc.
  -AWS Japan, Inc. will present awards to the top three individuals who have actively worked on AWS certifications and one new graduate in 2023.
  -AWS Japan will award prizes and invite the recipients to an awards ceremony at AWS Japan as supplementary prizes.
  Points will be awarded according to the difficulty level of the AWS certification. Points will be awarded for each difficulty level of AWS certification, with the highest total points awarded to the winner.

 AsiaQuest Award
  All-crown achievement commendation (Associate (3 types)/Professional (2 types)/Specialty (6 types))
  -Recommended qualification awards (Basic/Infrastructure/Application/Data Analysis) 
 Rewards for achieving the above


[AQ Award Recipients ]

All Crowned Achievement Award
 Associate ... 14 persons
 Specialty ... 6 persons
 Professional ... 17 persons
Recommended qualification achievement awards
 Recommended qualification (Infrastructure *3) ...  10 persons
 Recommended qualifications (Application *3) ... 7 persons
 Recommended qualification (Data analysis *3) ... 6 persons
 Recommended qualification (Basic) ... 28 persons

◾️ Results

160 qualified in the period held (4/1/2023 - 3/31/2024)


We will continue to make company-wide efforts to obtain AWS certification as part of our efforts to develop cloud computing personnel and enhance AWS expertise.