AWS Japan, SYSTEM’S, and AsiaQuest co-hosted an online seminar "Cloud migration and Modernization to realize DX"

AsiaQuest Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Jun Momoi; hereinafter "AsiaQuest") is a company that supports digital transformation (hereinafter "DX") of companies by utilizing digital technologies such as IoT and AI. AsiaQuest is pleased to announce that it will hold a co-host webinar with SYSTEM’S Co.,Ltd (hereinafter "SYSTEM’S"), and Amazon Web Services Japan, LLC (hereinafter "AWS Japan") on Tuesday, May 28, 2012, titled "Cloud migration and Modernization to realize DX ~Practical approach from AWS implementation to optimization~".
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■ What is business x cloud utilization in the DX era?

As many companies are transforming their businesses and organizations toward DX, "Cloud utilization" is an unavoidable theme, from existing systems and applications to web services that incorporate the latest technologies such as generative AI and Web3D.

The cloud offers many advantages such as cost reduction, flexibility, and scalability, and its adoption enables companies to provide highly agile services that are considered essential for business in the DX era.
On the other hand, the process of getting the most out of the cloud involves many challenges to overcome, such as the inability to simply migrate to the cloud, high migration hurdles for legacy systems, modernization to optimize the environment, and changes in the operating model (human resource development and in-house production) to continue operations and improvements. There are also many challenges to overcome, such as the high hurdles of migration in legacy systems, modernization to optimize the environment, and changes in the operating model (human resource development, in-house production, etc.) to continue operations and improvements.

To address these challenges, AWS and other companies are providing their own tools and services to support DX promotion.

The three companies that have been involved in cloud migration and modernization will be co-hosting a webinar to share their experience and knowledge.

<The strengths of each company>
AWS Japan:Various tools for cloud environments and various services to achieve modernization 
SYSTEM’S:Migration of legacy systems
AsiaQuest:Modernization using IoT, AI, and Web3D technologies


For those who are considering using the cloud, or have already migrated to the cloud but are not making good use of it, or want to achieve digitalization to create business value, this session will introduce the challenges encountered in the process from cloud introduction to optimization and even in-house production, as well as the key points to keep in mind, with actual case studies. The presentation will include actual case studies. We look forward to your participation.

■ About Webinar 

  • Title:Cloud migration and Modernization to realize DX 
    ~Practical approach from AWS implementation to optimization~
  • Date:Tuesday, May 28, 2024, 13:00-14:30 at Zoom
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As a benefits for participation, those who answer the survey will receive the materials used in this webinar.


■ Agenda and Webinar overview

AWS Japan
-Overview of AWS and benefits of using AWS-
・Framework for optimizing migration and operations

-Challenges and solutions for cloud utilization and DX-
・Key points to promote in-house production
・Best practices for cloud optimization after cloud deployment
・Transformation of system structure while utilizing information assets accumulated in the current system - Modernization

-DX is inevitable! Key points of AWS cloud migration with legacy deployment-
  ・Challenges of cloud lift and shift! Cloud migration process with apps/DBs that cannot be simply migrated
  ・Break away from legacy OS and app environments that cannot be easily migrated to AWS
  ・The Importance of current analysis for optimizing AWS deployment costs
  ・[2024] The latest version! Case studies of cloud migration from on-premise legacy

■ Recommended for the following people

  • Those who are considering how to use the cloud in the future
  • Those who are in the process of selecting cloud services
  • Those who are considering migration from legacy systems to the cloud
  • Those who have converted their existing systems to the cloud but have not been able to make good use of it.

■ Speaker profile


Toshiyuki Itakura
General Manager, Business Promotion Dept.
Migration Evangelist

Mr. Itakura joined SYSTEM’S in 2001 as a new graduate and worked as a system engineer.
He has worked as a PL/PM mainly on open systems development projects and migration projects, and has been in charge of the marketing/sales department since 2019.
In addition to making proposals to customers, he introduces the latest trends and migration points of migration at seminars and events.



Amazon Web Services Japan, LLC
Keisuke Sekine
Partner Alliance Management Division,
Partner Business Development Dept.

Mr. Sekine is in charge of sales for enterprise and public customers at a Japanese SIer company.
He worked as a solution sales representative focusing on infrastructure implementation including hardware.
After that, he was engaged in inside sales for small and midsize companies at AWS Japan.
Currently, he supports AWS partners to expand their business by utilizing the AWS Partner Program.



AsiaQuest Co., Ltd. 
Yoshinori Kobatake
General Manager of Sales Department

After graduating from Rikkyo University in 1995, he joined Softbank Corporation and worked as a system engineer at Softbank Technology Corporation (currently SB Technology Corporation). In 2001, he was in charge of CRM products and Web solution business at Izu Co., Ltd. (currently FueTrek Co., Ltd.). In 2012, he was in charge of Cloud service planning at SoftBank Telecom Corp. (currently SoftBank Corp.). In 2015, he launched Cloud and IoT businesses at AsiaQuest Co., Ltd. and is currently in charge of DX proposals to companies in the sales department.

■ About SYSTEM’S Co.,Ltd

Since our establishment in 1969, we have been working together with our clients' sites (GEMBA) for more than half a century, from system development and infrastructure construction to maintenance and maintenance operations. We are working on the transformation from "IT to create" to "IT to inherit", from visualization to streamlining of operations, through the modernization of IT using the technology and know-how cultivated in migration at corporate information system sites, which tend to be manned and black boxed.

■ About Amazon Web Services Japan, LLC

We provide cloud services that support millions of customers in over 190 countries. Over 90 services including compute, storage, networking, databases, but also data analytics, application services, deployment, management, developer, mobile, IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), security, hybrid, and enterprise applications. We have expanded to cover the IT resources required by companies.

■ About AsiaQuest Co., Ltd. 

We are a "Digital Integrator" supporting corporate DX. We provide not only ordinary system integration, but also comprehensive support from consulting to think about your DX together, to system design, development, and operation using digital technologies necessary for DX.
We have specialized technology teams in the digital fields of IoT, AI, Cloud, Mobile, Web, and UI/UX to form the most appropriate project team to achieve the client's goals. Our extensive knowledge of DX and wide-ranging technological capabilities enable us to provide a speedy response, from the implementation of PoC to verify the effectiveness of business models and technical issues, to the construction of large-scale, digitally-enabled systems.