An interview article with our HR staff member published on "VOiCE"



AsiaQuest's case study was published on "VOiCE", a review site operated by Zenken Corporation to select a company based on the voices of current employees (hereinafter referred to as "VOiCE"). Our member of the Human Resources talks about AsiaQuest's business, mission, and unique corporate culture.

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By posting reviews from current employees on "VOiCE", AsiaQuest aims to reach as many people as possible who have not yet found opportunities or places where they can bring out their full potential, to make them want to work with us and discover the appeal of AsiaQuest.

Please refer the URL below to see the results of the survey conducted among current employees here.  (*Only in Japanese)

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■ What is "VOiCE"

”VOiCE'' is a web media that visualizes the ease of working at a company from the perspective of current employees, with the theme of ’’choosing a company based on employee feedback.''

When changing jobs, many people look not only at the job content and conditions, but also at the company's culture and reviews. However, even if you want to find out what kind of company a company is, the current situation is that information is polarized into ”recruitment media from the perspective of the human resources department'' and ”review sites from the perspective of retirees.''

In order to prevent mismatches after joining the company, "VOiCE'' provides a third perspective, neither from the perspective of the human resources department nor from the perspective of retirees, but from the perspective of current employees. By collecting the voices of employees working on the front lines, we aim to visualize the ease of work unique to a company and help job seekers understand the company correctly.

Source: "VOiCE'' has been released, allowing you to search for companies that are easy to work for based on the voices of current employees!

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