We will be speaking at a hands-on seminar on "Object-Oriented UI".

Teppei Hanai, Manager, Service Design Section, Digital Engineering Department, Digital Transformation Division, Asia Quest, will speak at a hands-on seminar on "Object Oriented UI" hosted by Pikawaka Corporation, which operates "Pikawaka Class," a programming school for learning programming and web design.

This seminar is a hands-on seminar for the "Pikawaka Class Alumni Community", the graduates of Pikawaka Class. Participants will create a "web screen" design using the "object-oriented UI" they learned in the school.

○Outline of the seminar
Date & Time 11/5 (Sun.) 14:00 - 18:00
Place: Pikawaka Class Shibuya
Participants: Pikawaka Class alumni community members

For more details, please see the press release.(Japanese)

■Speaker Profile


AsiaQuest Digital Transformation Division
Manager, Service Design Section, Digital Engineering Department
Teppei Hanai

Joined Asia Quest in 2015. He participated in a SaaS development project at a major company as a front-end engineer and won MVP within the PJ structure. In 2022, he was appointed manager of the front-end engineering and design department. Currently, while performing internal duties such as management, launching UI/UX solutions, and serving as editor-in-chief of AsiaQuest TechBlog, he also leads the UI/UX team and is responsible for the enhancement of the EC site of a major apparel company.

■About Pikawaka Class Alumni Community
The "Pikawaka Class Alumni Community" is an exclusive community for graduates of the "Pikawaka Class," a programming school where students learn "programming" and "web design" by commuting to Shibuya every weekend for 9 months. This is an exclusive community for those who have created their own original web applications and graduated from the "Pikawaka Class" programming school.
In this community, members actively add and improve the functions of their own applications even after graduation, emphasizing the continuation of programming learning. In addition, members gather in the classroom once a month to attend lectures on programming and design to continue their in-depth learning.