TMJ, Inc.

Systematize the escalation process to more efficiently hand over customer service at call centers

TMJ, Inc. is a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) partner with a wide range of businesses including contact centers, back-office operations, and temporary staffing. TMJ asked AsiaQuest, which has experience developing man-hour management systems, to develop a smooth escalation process from operators to managers in call center operations.

Customer HP: https://www.tmj.jp/
Examples of past developments: https://www.asia-quest.jp/case/tmj/


Call center challenges and the need for efficient escalation processes

At the call center contracted by TMJ, Inc., operators and managers work on the same floor. The operator handles general inquiries, while the manager takes over for more difficult complaints and complex inquiries.
Until now, the system required operators to raise their hands (''Teage system'')  while on the phone with a customer to request the manager to take over. However, this system had issues such as the manager overlooking the call and the difficulty of prioritizing requests from multiple operators simultaneously, and a more efficient system was required.


AsiaQuest handles the entire process from requirements definition, design, system development, and maintenance.

In determining the system specifications, AsiaQuest first held meetings with the client and conducted on-site hearings. We proposed a system that operates on the Web, and handled the entire process from requirements definition to design, development, and maintenance. Furthermore, to ensure an efficient work environment, the system was designed to be simple and usable in small window sizes so that it can be displayed on the same screen as other applications.


“Teage system” main functions

The main functions implemented are as follows.
Since the purpose of use is different for operators and administrators, we created separate screens and functions for each authority.



◾️Operator side
・Notification of handover request to administrator
Click the category button for the response and send a notification to the administrator for a handover request.

◾️Administrator (management work) side
・Visualization of handover request status
The seating map and handover request status are linked, and the seat color changes depending on the priority of the content.

・Operator takeover request history
You can accumulate response time/content/trend data and view the history.

・Administrator correspondence record
After completing the handover request, the administrator records the details.

Adopted AWS for infrastructure, considering deployment at multiple locations

Since this system will be implemented at multiple sites, we have selected "AWS (Amazon Web Services)" for the infrastructure, which can be converted to a public cloud and for which AsiaQuest has a great deal of experience.
By registering each site from the backend system, this system can be implemented at each site.

When the person in charge presses the button for the takeover request, the status data is stored in AWS Aurora and the request is notified to the administrator. Data on handover requests and responses from all systems are stored centrally in AWS Aurora, and data can be extracted according to specified conditions by applying a filter for each site or area.

AWS Fargate and AWS Aurora are installed in two separate AZs (availability zones) to provide redundancy in case of disaster or trouble.

EC2 was used as a stepping stone for developers to enter the production environment from remote locations, and an automatic deployment mechanism using AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy was created to enable rapid system changes to be reflected in the production environment.
Furthermore, the use of AWS Fargate reduces the burden of server management and maintenance operations.




Smooth customer service, data-based analysis and diversification of improvement methods

The systemization of operator handover requests has produced the following effects

◼️Improved management efficiency
Managers can now respond to customers with appropriate priority without overlooking requests, enabling quick and efficient decision-making.

◼️Improving customer satisfaction
The contents of handover requests, such as response time and number of requests, are converted into data, making it possible to more specifically report the response to calls and calls to the dispatch destination, improving customer satisfaction.

◼️Clarification of response trends
Data on trends in response to customer inquiries by area and project has been compiled, making the content of responses clearer.

◼️Diversification of operational methods
It has become possible to implement concrete and effective improvement measures using recorded data, and call center operation methods have become more diverse.


Expand system use and accommodate telecommuters

The system, which is currently being introduced at some sites and projects, will be further expanded in the future, with the goal of being widely introduced at client call centers as a general-purpose system for call center operations at TMJ, inc.
In addition, we are also considering the possibility of having operators and managers work from home in response to the increase in the number of telecommuting employees.


Here are some testimonials from customers using the system.

◾️ TMJ, Inc.

・The information (escalations) that was previously vague has been clarified, and the level of reporting and improvement work has been improved.

・The real-time status has been organized, making it easier to manage operations.

・We now have more options for improvement work, and can respond flexibly to issues.

◾️Customer from a dispatch destination call center

・The accuracy of the reporting has been improved, and we are more satisfied with the results.


About AsiaQuest Co., Ltd.

AsiaQuest is a "digital integrator" that supports corporate DX. We do not only provide ordinary system integration, but also provide consulting services to help our clients think about DX together, and design, develop, and operate systems that make full use of digital technologies necessary for DX.
We have specialized technology teams in the digital fields of IoT, AI, Cloud, Mobile, Web, and UI/UX, and we can put together the most appropriate project team to achieve the client's goals. We are capable of speedy response from implementation of PoC to verification of effectiveness of business models and technical issues to construction of large scale systems for digitalization.