In-house system implementation and multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) environment construction

Nihon System House Corporation. is an independent IT company with strengths in a wide range of technical fields, from software development (web systems, open systems, control systems) to infrastructure construction and operation and maintenance.
With the change in the work terminals used by employees, the company was considering the introduction of various SaaS and security measures for use in work. We supported the construction of a secure system environment by selling licenses and supporting the implementation of Microsoft 365 and Box, and by introducing the PassLogic cloud version, strengthening authentication through passwordless multi-factor authentication and implementing single sign-on (SSO) for ID management. 

Customer HP:https://www.systemhouse-co.com/


Nihon System House Corporation. was considering implementing various SaaS (Microsoft 365, Box) and security measures to use when exchanging files with affiliated companies and departments.
In anticipation of an increase in the number of SaaS systems used in back offices in the future, customers are concerned about the complexity and security issues associated with increasing ID/password management and input opportunities for each SaaS service. Within the company, we were considering implementing PassLogic's PassLogic cloud version (passwordless multi-factor authentication).
However, due to the IDs of various SaaS not being unified, they were having problems such as not being able to link and authenticate with the Passlogic cloud version.


In order to implement multi-factor authentication with the various SaaS (Microsoft 365, Box) used in work, we decided to introduce the PassLogic cloud version, which the customer had already been considering.

In order to achieve the above, SAML coordination between AzureAD and PassLogic cloud version is essential, but the AzureAD user ID and email address domain were registered in different formats, making it difficult to achieve SAML coordination.

To achieve this, we first unified AzureAD user IDs and email address domains, and implemented single sign-on integration between AzureAD and Box.
After that, we linked AzureAD and PassLogic cloud version with SAML to achieve multi-factor authentication.




By introducing the PassLogic cloud version, we were able to achieve passwordless multi-factor authentication and build a more robust security environment.

In addition, up until now, users had to log in using separate IDs and passwords for Microsoft 365 and Box, but by implementing single sign-on linkage between AzureAD and Box, it is now possible to log in using a common ID and password, which can made work more efficient operations.


The introduction of this system has made it possible to introduce new systems based on multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO), as well as increase and decrease accounts in existing systems.
We hope to contribute to the development of our customers' businesses through the active introduction and utilization of IT tools.


We were considering a move to SaaS (Microsoft 365, Box, single sign-on with multi-factor authentication), including cost issues with the cloud service (IaaS) we had been using for our business, strengthening information security through telework promotion, and improving business efficiency. We were a little concerned about the change to SaaS, but AsiaQuest presented us with an overall plan to realize the change and provided us with support for construction and implementation.
Thanks to your help, we were able to achieve a simple and secure operation.


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