AsiaQuest held Cloud (AWS) 1Day Internship for Iwasaki Gakuen School of Information Science

On Friday, September 15, 2023, we held an online Cloud 1-Day Internship for students of Iwasaki Gakuen Information Science Colege.

Last year, we held a Cloud 1-Day Internship for the students of Iwasaki Gakuen Information Science College, which was very well received by the students, this year, we are pleased to announce that we will be holding this event with the cooperation of Amazon Web Services Japan, LLC ("AWS").

As a cloud computing (AWS) partner, AWS Partner Solution Architect Yuya Hirooka gave a lecture on the theme of "IT Industry, Cloud Computing, and Human Resources".




From AsiaQuest, Tomoki Ikawa of the Cloud Integration Department took the stage and gave a lecture on cloud computing and infrastructure,
He also shared his knowledge of cloud computing and infrastructure by demonstrating how to build a server on AWS.



The students who participated in the seminar gave the following comments:

"I didn't know much about infrastructure and cloud computing, but the lecture was very detailed and I learned a lot."

"It was great to hear about the industry in a different light than at school, and to learn things I didn't know before."

"The information was presented in a way that anyone could easily understand, starting with the fundamental concept of what IT is."

"It was very informative for my future career choices, and I am now interested in AWS and would like to take the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam to learn the basics." 

Thank you to all the students who participated.
We hope that you will take this opportunity to deepen your knowledge of IT and cloud infrastructure and make the most of it in your job hunting and future career.

■Agenda for the day

Mr. Hirooka, AWS  "IT Industry, Cloud Computing, and the Human Resources Required"

  • IT industry and cloud computing
  • Who is in demand now?
  • What’s AWS ?
  • How to learn AWS

AsiaQuest "Cloud 1DAY Internship"

  • Company Introduction
  • About Cloud Infrastructure
  • About AWS
  • Break (10 minutes)
  • About Cloud Integration Department
  • Demonstration (server construction)
  • From current cloud engineers
  • Questionnaire