Barcode Reading iOS / Android Application Development

Android / iOS app development using barcode functionality for a food retailer


A food retailer was aggressively expanding its store network to meet its needs, but while on the road to expansion, it was facing the problem of dispersing employees with a wealth of product knowledge.
Therefore, they sought a solution that would allow customers to independently check more detailed product information in stores without having to have store staff explain it to them.
The amount of product information handled in stores is enormous, but space is limited, so we decided to develop an iOS/Android application that scans product barcodes in our stores and displays product information.


On the application side, a barcode reading function was implemented using the camera function of the smartphone application, and on the server side, a management screen was built to link the JAN code of the read barcode to the product page. As a result, when a product's barcode is scanned at a physical store, detailed information about the product on the EC site is displayed on the application screen, enabling more detailed information to be obtained.
Since scanning the barcode leads the user to the EC site, even if the user does not purchase the product on the spot, he or she can view and purchase the product after returning home, contributing to an increase in the purchase rate.


We are aiming to implement a function that grants visit points to customers when they visit a physical store by linking the developed smartphone application with beacons, which is our specialty.